Advanced Collaboration Consulting Resources (ACCR) is a recently formed LLC based in Summerville South Carolina. ACCRs effort is based on 24 years of working on contract to various commercial and government clients. This work has involved the development and implementation of computer neutral international standards to describe mechanical and electrical systems such as aircraft, automobiles, ships, consumer products, and many other commodities.

The intent of these standards is to enable:

  • Customers and suppliers to work more seamlessly on the design and manufacture of products and assemblies
  • The long term archival and retrieval of the description of a product
  • System migration
  • Supplying product data to government agencies
  • Sharing data across the enterprise Design-Analysis-Manufacturing-Quality

The majority of ACCRs work is under contract to the PDES, Inc. consortium. PDES, Inc. is an international consortium made up of manufacturers, U.S. government agencies, software providers, and universities. The consortium is committed to accelerating the development and implementation of standards enabling enterprise integration and Product Lifecycle Management interoperability for its member companies.

ACCR works primarily with the software vendor community, organizing and facilitating systems interoperability testing. One example of this that has been in existence for 15 years is the CAx Implementor Forum. This interoperability testing is a development environment for the software development participants. They test their pre-release versions prior to production release. This pre-release testing allows them to identify and fix "bugs" prior to release to the customers.

ACCR has recently been awarded a contract with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). ACCR will be a subcontractor to ITI TranscenData. ACCR will act as the "Principal Investigator" on this project, guiding the efforts of a number of software development companies. This is a demonstration project aimed at integrating product design, manufacturing, and quality domains.